Performance opportunities for the general public and performance/teaching opportunities for educational purposes are available both in person and online.

Regular recitals (piano solo, piano and violin, piano and voice) are available both online and in person. Since funds in colleges and universities are limited, fees for these performances are based on each school’s budget and in many cases a grant is available to to make this opportunity possible. Please send email to for more information.

Educational Performances for the Classroom is a unique offering that combines great live performances with practical and cross-cultural conversations. The school (college or university) schedules a live performance with Dr. Tolosa or Dr. Tolosa and his colleagues and the performance is shown to the classroom or group of students designated by the school. The performer(s) is/are available before and after the performance to talk about the music’s historical background, style issues and how music theory can become practical and provide creative approaches to the performance of repertoire.

The current offering is a 30-minute performance of piano and violin with music by three Argentine composers of the 20th century. The styles are quite contrasting and interesting to listen to.

A written teacher’s guide is provided and a student’s handout is also provided so that the instructor can use it as supporting material. A quiz for students is also available for teachers to use as another learning tool.

For more information about the Educational Performances, please send email to