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During his stay in Dallas for 14 years (2004-2018), Dr. Tolosa founded the non-profit organization "Musical Angels, Inc.". This organization provides weekly piano and guitar lessons in children's hospitals or outpatients with special needs who qualify, thus helping patients recover and improve the quality of daily life. The lessons are totally free. Several children with serious illnesses, after their recovery, continued their piano studies, thus transforming their lives, as well as those of their surroundings. “Musical Angels” is coming to Argentina in 2020 to expand the service to Spanish speaking communities.

Dr. Tolosa has offered more than 700 concerts and master classes in Argentina, the United States, Spain, England, China, Singapore, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

His current project is to transmit his experience and knowledge to the generation of young musicians, helping them prepare for the stage or for auditions to enter universities in Argentina and in the United States.

His areas of expertise are piano technique, repertoire, theory and ear training as well as music analysis and music history.

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Chamber Music is a favorite of Dr. Tolosa, which is why he summon musicians who live in VGB or in the nearby area, to form a group that, sponsored by “Dallas Music Academy” in Dallas, Texas, meets regularly to rehearse and prepare works to present at concerts and musical evenings.